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Personalized Baby Clothes For Twins And Multiples

Having twins, triplets or more babies at one time is a blessing. Dressing your multiples is another level of enjoyment because you can match your little ones' outfits or coordinate colors. While these are certainly adorable ways to dress your tiny bundles of joy, personalizing their baby clothes ups the cute factor and adds flair to their attire.

Jazz Up Onesies and T-Shirts

Purchase white onesies and use fabric markers or paint to stencil catchy phrases, such as "I was born first," "I weighed the most" or "I was the last one out" on the fronts. "I'm part of a set of two" is another clever idea. Change the word "two" to three or four for triplets or quadruplets. Use iron-on letters to spell out each baby's name on the front of a t-shirt or use just the first letter of each baby's name. Add the words "established in" and the year the babies were born as another adorable idea. When the holidays roll around, trace the letters of your baby's name on holiday-themed fabric, cut them out and use fabric glue to adhere them to the front of a onesie or infant t-shirt. If you're more ambitious, cut out the words "baby's first" and then the holiday, such as Christmas, Halloween or Easter.

Make Your Own Bibs

Babies tend to go through several bibs a day, and they are the perfect clothing item to personalize. Think about the personalities of each of your babies and use that to come up with unique bibs for each infant. Craft, hobby and fabric stores sell a wide selection of iron-on appliqués that you can use. For example, if you have a baby who stays up all night, purchase an owl applique and the letters to spell out "I'm a night owl." Look for bibs that can be cross-stitched or embroidered. Browse online or look at craft stores for a cross-stitch or needlepoint pattern that reminds you of each child. For little girls, you might stitch the image of a princess and then stitch words such as "Princess #1" and "Princess #2" underneath the picture.You might stitch tiny neckties on bibs meant for twin or triplet little boys.

Play Off Your Interests

If you have twin or triplet little boys, stencil the words of two or three of your favorite football, baseball or basketball players on the back of onesies. Instead of famous names, stencil on each of the boys' names as another idea. Add iron-on numbers to create your own little sports team. If religion is important to your family, stencil a Bible verse that includes your twins or triplets names. For example, stencil on "For I know the plans I have for" and add each of your baby's names at the end.