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3 Ways To Avoid Making Enemies At The Laundromat

Many people at one time or another will have to visit the laundromat. This may happen because you cannot afford a washer or dryer, one of these appliances breaks down, or you have a power outage in your neighborhood. The following  tips will help you avoid receiving scornful glares from other people who are using the facility. 

Don't Leave the Premises

Washing machines take different amount of time to complete the wash cycle. You may want to run an errand while your clothes are washing to avoid being bored and to save time. Consider that you might become stuck in traffic, or encounter a long line at a store. If this happens you may prevent others from using the washing machine, particularly if it is in a busy laundromat or one that has several machines out of order. You may decide that someone can simply remove your clothing if the laundry finishes while you are gone.  Think about how you would feel if you had to do this. No one wants to handle your underwear and lingerie, even if it is clean. Another reason not to do this is because you may find that your favorite pair of jeans is stolen once you arrive home from the laundromat.

Avoid Being Too Chatty

It's okay to greet other people in the laundromat, but being overly chatty is often annoying. Many people dread going to the laundromat because it is a time-consuming -- yet necessary -- chore. They may be unhappy because their appliance broke down and they can't afford a repairman or the person may even be an unsavory character who can put you in danger. Many people do their household chores in stained, ripped, and loose clothing and they hope to avoid seeing anyone they know.  Many people don't want to make new friends while they aren't looking their best.

Staking a Claim

Don't announce that a dryer is reserved when your clothing is still washing. Most people have busy schedules and if you try to stake a claim on a dryer, you may find yourself in a combative situation. This could put you and anyone who accompanies you into a precarious, and possibly dangerous situation.

Take a good book with you to the laundromat, your cell phone, or another electronic device to occupy your time. This helps prevent strangers from striking up a conversation with you. This is especially important if you live in a metropolitan area or the laundromat is in bad area of town.

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