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3 Things To Remember When Packing For A Resort Vacation

Resorts are common vacation destinations. People like going to resorts because they tend to have everything one needs for a great vacation in one location. You will find multiple dining options, the opportunity to go on excursions, special events for resort guests only, and other activities to enjoy.

Deciding what to wear on a resort vacation can be challenging. Resort wear is a specialized category of clothing designed specifically with resort activities in mind.

Here are three things to remember when packing your resort clothing to ensure you are dressed appropriately throughout your vacation.

1. Check the Dress Code

Most resort destinations will list their dress code on their website or within an information email you receive after booking your vacation. A dress code can be a valuable resource when packing for your trip.

Some resorts have very strict dress codes, while others may be laxer. It's even possible for each venue within a resort to have its own dress code. When you are familiar with the dress requirements for your specific resort, you will be able to select clothing items that will allow you to make the most of your vacation.

2. Pack Tasteful Clothing

There is a certain level of formality within any vacation resort. This ambiance is achieved, in part, by the types of clothing guests wear.

Avoid packing anything that is too casual. Leave your flip-flops and athletic wear at home, and pack khaki shorts and leather loafers instead. A few cocktail dresses and a nice suit jacket can also be beneficial during your stay at a resort.

Check all clothing items for holes or signs of excessive wear. Be sure that each item you pack fits properly and is made from tasteful fabric so that you don't stand out for the wrong reasons at a resort.

3. Consider Customization

Just because you shouldn't wear anything too casual at a resort doesn't mean you can't take the opportunity to personalize the clothing you bring along. One option that seems to be increasingly popular is screen-printed resort clothing.

Screen printing allows you to incorporate things like a company logo or your name into the design of your clothing. This customization can be useful when you want your resort vacation to double as a networking or branding event.

When it comes to resort vacations, the right wardrobe is important. Pack appropriately to ensure your next trip is a success.