How to Pair Last Year's Fashion Trends With this Years

How To Freshen Up Your Tired-Looking Wardrobe

Do you find yourself going to your closet and realizing that you don't have anything to wear? Your closet may be full of clothes, but if they have lost their appeal, it's probably because they are outdated or tired looking. It's time to shop!

Evaluate Your Possibilities - Unless you're made of money, you probably won't be able to get a totally new wardrobe all at once. Instead, build on what you have.

  • Even though it may take quite a while, try things on to see if they are still flattering. For example, you may have a perfectly great broomstick skirt that just needs a pretty peasant blouse to make it a smashing outfit.
  • As you try things on, set aside things that you can still save and put the other things aside to be given to charity.
  • Make careful notes of what you need to buy. A good way to do that is to divide your sheet of paper into four sections. Write Tops, Slacks, Skirts and Accessories as your headings. Be specific as you make your notes. If you want a wide leather belt in addition to the peasant blouse for the broomstick skirt, make a note of both of them. Don't trust your memory.
  • Pick a trusted friend or family member to be with you as you try things on. It will be helpful to have somebody validate your choices or to help you see clothing possibilities with a different eyes.

Begin Your Shopping - Be grateful for after-Christmas sales.

  • Department stores at malls will have great sales on winter clothes right now, and some of those clothes can be worn all year. The trouble with shopping at the big department stores is that you will have to fight crowds and parking will be a nightmare.
  • Also, even when you find cute wardrobe pieces, you might find the same ones on your friends.
  • If you want truly unique clothes and accessories, consider shopping at places where you will find original items. One idea is to shop at vintage stores for clothes that have a timeless appeal.
  • A really great place to get trendy clothes and accessories is right at home. Just get on your computer and search for trendy online boutiques where you'll find darling items that will compliment the clothes you already have. In addition, you will probably find entire one-of-a-kind outfits you can't pass up. Those online boutiques don't just offer trendy items, they offer great sales.

Set a limit as to how much you can spend on your new items each month and stick to that figure. As you select new items, cross them off the list you created at the beginning of your shopping venture.