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Three Tips For Finding The Most Comfortable Nursing Shoes

Nurses are sometimes described as angels in disguise. They provide quality medical care, patience, and compassion to their patients at times when the patients often feel their most hopeless and helpless. A nursing career is also physically demanding, requiring the nurses to spend long hours on their feet. While you are handling emergency situations, it is important that aching feet don't distract you from your duties or dilute your smile, energy and empathy. Finding the most comfortable nursing shoes is not an arduous task if you obtain opinions from others in your occupation.

Doing Your Research

Many nurses ask their co-workers' advice about comfy work shoes, but this only gives them a few opinions. Other ways to find comfortable nursing shoes include:

  1. Pose your question on the Intranet at work. Many hospitals, doctor's offices and other facilities where nurses are employed have an Intranet for discussions. This is a beneficial place to ask others in your occupation about their top choices for the most comfortable work shoes. The Intranet allows you to reach all the employees in the hospital or other large facility. This enables you to obtain dozens of replies instead of the few provided by co-workers on your floor or in your department.
  2. Use social media to ask your friends and acquaintances advice. Include all those whose occupations require them to stand or walk for long stretches of time. You may find that you receive hundreds of replies.
  3. Post your query on an online forum, chat room or support group for nurses. People are always ready to give their opinions when they find a quality product, such as supportive nursing shoes that help prevent foot fatigue and back aches.

Keep a Tally

When you are reading the replies, keep a tally on a sheet of paper. You will likely get many opinions, but there will be a few brands of shoes repeatedly mentioned by the overwhelming majority.

Getting the Shoes

Go to stores that sell the three or four brands that were mentioned most in your responses. Ask the clerk to measure your feet, even if you think you know your proper size. Over time, your shoe size may change due to the ligaments and tendons in your foot lengthening as you age.  Walk around the store in each pair of shoes once you find the correct size and ask the clerk about the benefits of each brand. For instance, if you have particular needs, such as a high arch, one brand may be right for you, while the others are not. This helps you make the right choice for your feet and specific needs. For more information about new nurses shoes, contact a business such as Alegria Shoe Shop.