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Keeping Your Leather Cowboy Boots Looking Like New

If you have a new pair of leather cowboy boots, you are most likely enjoying the look and comfort they give to your feet. To keep the appearance and stability of your boots as they are now, maintenance steps should be taken to ensure they do not wear out before their time. Here are some steps to follow in the care of your new cowboy boots.

Remove Debris From The Boots

After each wearing session, wipe your boots down with a clean piece of microfiber cloth. This will help remove any debris that may be on the surface as well as pieces that may have become embedded in areas with stitching. Rub each boot in its entirety to keep it from becoming lackluster in appearance from a dirt film.

Handle Moisture Appropriately

If you happen to get your cowboy boots wet, you will want to dry them in a way that will not alter the leather they are made from. Wipe down the boots with a dry piece of soft cloth and allow them to dry by air. Using a heater or hair dryer to quick-dry leather cowboy boots can make the leather crack as a result.

Retain Their Shape Easily

To keep your boots from flopping while in storage, which could alter the appearance and way your boots fit, consider using a boot rack so they retain their original shape. If you do not have a boot rack, you can purchase two one-liter bottles of soda, water or seltzer and slip one into each boot after the liquid has been consumed. These will help keep the leather cowboy boots from crumpling or wrinkling while they aren't on your feet.

Condition To Protect Leather

Leather should be protected from dry conditions. Adding a conditioning agent to your leather cowboy boots will help keep the leather supple and looking vibrant. Purchase a leather conditioner from a reputable shoe store or leather clothing retailer. Apply a bit of conditioner to a piece of soft cloth and rub into the leather. Adhere to instructions on the conditioner regarding frequency of use as too much conditioner can lead to molding if the leather remains moist for an excessive amount of time.

Take Off Gently

When removing cowboy boots, if you do not have the flexibility or stability to pull them off yourself, have someone pull them gently from your feet in an upward manner while you sit down with your leg outstretched in front of you. Never use one boot to remove the other by kicking it from your foot as this can leave indentations and markings in the boot. You can also purchase a boot jack to help with the process if someone is not available to give you a hand. The next time you buy cowboy boots online or in-store, be sure to take care of them with these simple steps