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Tips For Buying Boutique Clothing

When shopping for the latest fashions, women's boutiques like Foxy Lady Siesta Key are a popular choice for stylish and sometimes unique clothing. Before making your purchase, learn how to make sure you are purchasing quality pieces and not simply buying another fast fashion item that will barely last the season. These tips can help.

Tip #1: Check the Seams

The seams are the easiest way to see how well a piece is constructed. The best time to check these seams is right after you have tried on the item, this way you can make sure they hold up to the actual stress of wearing. The seams should be double-stitched and secure on stress areas, such as the back seam on pants or shoulder seams on shirts. Single stitching, especially on finer fabrics, is acceptable on non-stress areas, such as down a sleeve. Also, make sure the seams are straight and each stitch is the same length. If you notice pulling or puckering, move on to the next item.

Tip #2: Look for Loose Threads

The occasional missed thread that needs trimming off isn't usually a concern. What you are looking for is loose threads around hems, seams, or on the fabric itself. Poorly constructed seams won't be finished, which means they will fray and the garment will eventually become unraveled. The same is true of hems – raw fabric edges should be finished so that they do not show and can't come undone. Snags on the fabric itself are also a sign of poor quality. Even fine fabrics should be durable enough for daily wear.

Tip #3: Try Out the Hardware

Buttons, zippers, and snaps can all be a problem if they aren't working properly. Make sure zippers work smoothly. As a general rule, opt for metal zippers instead of plastic. Make sure all buttons fit their holes and that snaps are lined up and working properly. Check the seams and threads holding all closures in place to make sure they are securely attached to the fabric. Quality boutique items should also come with a repair kit containing extra buttons or hardware, just in case you do lose one.

Tip #4: Look to the Fit

Poor fit can mean there is a problem in the workmanship or that the item simply isn't the best choice for your body shape. Try on all items, preferably with the help of a three way mirror or a friend. Make sure the drape is correct on your body and that darts and tucks are even and line up correctly. Don't trust the fit to the mannequin or model – the clothing is often pin and tucked onto these for the maximum correct fit. If you are purchasing from an online boutique, make sure they have a return policy in place that allows you to return or exchange if the fit or quality isn't up to your expectations.