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The Sharp-Dressed Man: Qualities Of A Truly High-End Suit

A man's suit is a true status symbol that radiates an air of sophistication. There are many distinguishing qualities that differentiate a mass-produced, run-of-the-mill suit from a finely tailored suit that's made with real craftsmanship. If you want to invest in a high-end suit, there are several things to look for so you can be sure you're making a proper investment in an ensemble that truly represents quality and class.

Interior Seams

A suit that's simply sold in your basic size won't typically have a lot of extra room to make alterations. This "room" is known as seam allowance and it means that the interior seams of the suit have extra fabric so you can have it altered to fit you perfectly. Major mass-produced suit manufacturers use less fabric per piece which is why they often cost less. A high-quality suit will have added material at the seams so a tailor can take it in or out to fit you just right.

Quality Buttons

The true mark of a high-end suit is often displayed by the material of the buttons. Buttons at the cuffs and front should be comprised of quality material such as real animal horn or mother of pearl. A less than quality suit will typically have buttons made of plastic or resin. You can definitely tell the difference between the two; a horn button has color variations and is much more rigid while plastic buttons are lighter and usually monochromatic.


Take a close look at the stitching of the suit you're interested in. High-end suits are often hand stitched and done in a consistent, tight manner. Stitching should be doubled with a smooth rolled finish and no stray threads showing. All stitching should look sleek and very precise without any gaps or inconsistencies. Suits that are of high quality are typically stitched by hand and it can take a long time to stitch just one button hole. This pride in workmanship translates into a higher price, but it's worth it because not only will the stitching hold up better, it will also look much more refined and clean.

Quality Lining

A lined suit jacket should be made of a breathable fabric that's comfortable when you wear it. Cheap suits are usually made with a polyester lining that is not only hot, but you may also notice a "squeaky" sound whenever you move. Polyester is not a breathable fabric, and you will definitely notice the difference when wearing the suit on warm days. Smooth, light fabric lining made of silk indicates that the suit you're interested in is of a higher caliber. When it comes to finding a well-made suit, pay attention to these details so you can be certain you've invested smartly in an ensemble that will represent you in the best way possible. For more info, contact a suit manufacturer in your area.