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Love Your Jeans? Shopping & Care Tips To Make Your Relationship A Long One

There is no doubt that Americans love denim clothing, especially their favorite jeans. In fact, jeans are so well-loved and accepted that taking a simple walk down a busy street is likely to expose you to denim jeans being worn by nearly every age group, body size and cultural ethnicity. While the denim fabric that jeans are made of is known for durability and comfort, jeans that are made from poor quality fabric, have construction flaws or do not receive proper care soon look unattractive and become uncomfortable to wear. If you are currently shopping for new jeans or having a love affair with an old favorite pair, the following tips will help you have a long and happy relationship together.

Pay for quality

Because jeans are so popular, both here in the States and around the world, the market is flooded with jeans ranging in price from a few bucks to a few thousand. While thousand-dollar-per-pair jeans are likely outside the budget of most consumers, opting to purchase bargain-priced jeans is usually also a waste of money because they often use cheaper denim and shoddy manufacturing techniques that impact the fit, comfort and durability of the finished garment. When shopping for jeans, it is wise to allocate more of your clothing budget to purchase a better quality product, such as denim jeans made in America, because they will likely remain wearable for much longer than cheaper, lower quality jeans might.

Launder with care

Even though most people who wear jeans love the look of faded, aged denim, it is important to care for jeans carefully to ensure that they do not wear out too soon. Automatic washing machines and tumble dryers do a great job of cleaning denim, but the friction of the process can hasten the deterioration of the fibers in denim fabric and create stress on construction points in the jeans, such as seams, belt loops, hems and pockets. To avoid this friction and slow down the aging process of your favorite jeans, use the following laundry tips:

  • wash only when really necessary (jeans that have been worn to the office, a football game or any outing where they are not visibly soiled or odorous do not need to be laundered - instead spot clean them, if necessary and hang them up to air out before returning to them to your closet)
  • wash only in cold water, with minimal amounts of mild detergent, when laundering is really needed
  • line dry, if possible (if tumble drying is the only option, use a low-temperature setting and be careful not to overdry the garment)

By shopping carefully with quality in mind and using proper care techniques, your favorite jeans will age gracefully and remain your fashion favorites for years to come. For more care tips, contact a company like All USA Clothing American Made Jeans.