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Carrie Bradshaw On A Budget: Three Reasons To Invest In Used Expensive Shoes That Need Work

Giving in to the desire of expensive shoes is one of the luxuries that you should give into once in a while. While purchasing top dollar heels can seem like your financial bottom line will take a beating, your feet and finances can actually benefit from excellent shoes, even if they need a little bit of work done to them or if you buy them used. Here are three reasons why you should invest in expensive shoes for the "sole". 

These can have surface work performed

When it comes to expensive, well-made heels that are a little bit scuffed up, there is a fix for most problems. If the shoes are scuffed, they can be buffed out. If the shoe is starting to show wear, a shoe repair specialist can fix the soles of the shoes to make them look and feel new. A dye job is also possible for shoes that are well-made and just need a little bit of sprucing up. There are more options for making used, high-quality shoes brand new than even for cheap lower-tier shoes. 

Cobblers can work on them

When it comes to cobblers, working on an expensive shoe will be easier than working on inexpensive shoes. Since inexpensive shoes are often made with inferior material, cobblers may not have the option to fix the shoe to fit your foot. With an expensive shoe, even one that you purchased used, the materials will allow for the cobbler to recreate the shoe for your foot. This can lead to the best kind of walking experience, especially for heels or other hard-to-walk-in shoes. 

Cutting down heels is an option

If you have always envied women who seem to be able to stroll around in five-inch heels with no problems, you may assume that you cannot wear the same kind of shoes. Since the steel of the expensive high heel is made of high quality materials, and the padding and structure of the foot of the shoe is well-made, the cobbler can cut down a heel without ruining the shoe or collapsing the arch. With this service available for well-made shoes, you will be able to enjoy shoes that you find attractive, without having to worry about finding only kitten heels. Cutting down and recapping the heel of a structurally sound shoe is easier for cobblers to perform, which gives you the perfect excuse for investing a little more money into your shoe closet.