How to Pair Last Year's Fashion Trends With this Years

Maximizing The Performance Of Your Outdoor Clothing

Having the appropriate clothing for your favorite outdoor activities will help to make them more enjoyable. Unfortunately, people will often get frustrated due to the difficulties of caring for outdoor clothing. While this type of clothing is designed to be extremely durable and resilient, there are still a few steps that will be necessary to give you the best performance from your investment in high-quality outdoor clothing.  

Opt For Shirts That Provide UV Protection

Being outside can expose you to intense amounts of sunlight. This light can be extremely damaging to the skin. In addition to causing your skin to age more quickly, this can also expose you to a risk of developing numerous types of skin cancer. While sunscreen is often the first line of defense that individuals use against the sun, it is important to realize that long sleeve tshirts can provide another layer of protection. For this reason, it can be wise to buy outdoor clothing that is designed to block the UV rays from the sun.

Wash Your Outdoor Shirts As Soon As Possible After Using Them

At the first opportunity, you should make sure to thoroughly wash your outdoor clothing. This will reduce the ability of dirt and grime to permanently stain the fabric. Also, washing will remove any acidic substances that may have gotten on the shirt. Over time, these substances can weaken the fabric threads and make them more likely to rip. When washing them, you may want to prefer cold water as this will better protect the colors of the fabric, but hot water may be necessary if there are stains that are not being removed with cold water.

Use Fabric Guard

It is possible to greatly reduce the ability of pigments or other materials from soaking into the fabric. A fabric guard can be applied to your garments that will prevent pigments from being able to bond to the fabric threads. It is important to make sure that your clothing is completely clean before applying the fabric guard as dirt can prevent it from bonding to the fabric.

Close Tears Or Rips In The Fabric

Whenever rips form in your clothing, sewing it back together should be done to prevent the tear from worsening. While you may not know much about sewing, it is fairly easy to simply close a small rip or tear in a shirt. When performing this repair, make sure to use double stitching. This will be much stronger and more durable than standard single stitching.