How to Pair Last Year's Fashion Trends With this Years

Are You Making Outfits For Holiday Use?

Are you a gifted seamstress? If so, you are probably already planning to make outfits that you will use during the holiday season. Don't worry that December has already arrived; you still have time to make those outfits. After all, there are patterns for great clothes that are quick and easy to make. And, if you are an experienced seamstress, you're probably not too worried about the time element anyway, are you? Here are some ideas that might help you.

Hologram Spandex Fabric - Are you looking for a unique fabric? If so, you might have considered buying hologram spandex fabric. Have you ever sewn with this type of fabric in the past? Don't let the fancy look scare you away; hologram spandex fabric is more than likely a lot easier to work with than you might think. The other benefits to choosing hologram spandex fabric for your holiday clothes is that it is affordable and easy to maintain. 

Hologram Spandex Fabric For An Elegant Outfit - Will you be attending an elegant New Year's Eve party? You might even be hosting an event at your own home. In either case, consider adding glitter and glamour to your handmade outfit by choosing a bright color of hologram spandex fabric. A hologram spandex fabric that seems to take on different colors might be perfect for a glamorous look. Or, go with silver or gold for a classic kind of elegance. When you select your jewelry, consider choosing jewelry items that will enhance the fabric you chose. For example, if you went with gold hologram spandex fabric, think of wearing gold hoop earrings. 

Hologram Spandex Fabric For Casual Wear - Even if you're wearing your favorite pair of jeans to spend an evening with friends, you probably want to look extra special for a holiday gathering, don't you? If that's the case, consider buying black hologram spandex fabric for a camisole and a jacket that you'll wear with the jeans. Another idea is to make a long tunic that you can wear with leggings. For example, if you have black leggings, a turquoise or red hologram spandex fabric would be a great choice for a long tunic. Have fun with your jewelry choices, too. For example, if you selected turquoise spandex fabric for a tunic to be worn with leggings, think of wearing a long chain necklace that has different colors of beads for the design.