How to Pair Last Year's Fashion Trends With this Years

Dress The Part Of A Respectable Cowboy

If you are going to be attending a rodeo and want to look as if you are a true cowboy, yet not overly draw attention to yourself or look as if you are trying too hard to fit in, purchasing new clothing may be on your agenda. Cowboys tend to wear fresh-pressed garments that are not torn or showing signs of wear. If you wear an ensemble that is trendy and masculine, you will likely be greeted with respect, and you may just be able to land yourself a prospective date or two with a member of the opposite sex.

Choose Relaxed Jeans That Won't Ride Up

If you have ever witnessed a cowboy walking with a stiff gait and appearing to not have enough leg or seat room to twist and move about naturally, it was probably due to him wearing an ill-fitting pair of pants. If you own a pair of cowboy boots or will be purchasing some to wear with your new clothing, the length of your pants will be important. Since each pant leg will need to cover the top and side of each boot, you risk the legs riding up when you sit down.

For this reason, purchase a pair of cowboy jeans that are slightly longer than what you are used to wearing. When trying on options like Cowboy Up apparel, wear your boots along with the jeans. Sit down on a chair to determine if the shaft of each boot remains covered. If the jeans shift upward and the amount of boot coverage isn't what you prefer, look for a similar pair of jeans with a slightly larger cut. 

Select A Belt And A Shirt

Cowboys who have won competitions are often awarded with trophy buckles. A buckle is usually large and shiny and is displayed directly over the button and zipper of a pair of jeans. Although you may be tempted to borrow someone's trophy buckle or purchase one from a private seller, do you really want to amplify your presence or be subjected to inquiries from others who you meet? Avoid the belt buckle and stick to a leather belt that hasn't been dyed.

One or two small embellishments are fine, but avoid an overly flashy belt, since this will distract attention from your shirt. Purchase a plaid or hand-embroidered shirt that contains long sleeves and a series of buttons. Pair the shirt with a leather vest or opt to wear the shirt by itself. Before attending the rodeo, lightly press the shirt so that there are no visible wrinkles.