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Top Reasons To Use Direct-To-Garment Printing When Ordering Uniform T-Shirts For Your Restaurant Servers

If you own or manage a restaurant, you might be in the process of ordering T-shirts for your employees to wear when they're working. T-shirts make good uniform shirts for servers and others who work in a restaurant because they're affordable, comfortable, and easy to take care of, and they can also allow your servers to have a cohesive look when they're working. Of course, you'll want to make the right decisions when ordering T-shirts for your restaurant servers. You may want to look into direct-to-garment printing — which involves hiring a printing company that will print your restaurant's logo directly on your T-shirts — for these reasons and more.

It's Affordable

You might be willing to spend money to purchase nice uniform T-shirts for your restaurant servers to wear. However, if your restaurant is like many, you might be running your business on a rather tight profit margin. Therefore, you probably want to keep costs for things like uniforms down if at all possible. Luckily, direct-to-garment printing is one of the most affordable methods that you can use if you want to buy nice T-shirts for your employees at an affordable price.

They Hold Up Well

In a restaurant setting, it's very common for servers to spill things on their work shirts and to otherwise get their work shirts dirty. Therefore, they will probably need to wash their work T-shirts on a regular basis. You'll probably want to choose T-shirts that can be washed regularly without being damaged and that will overall hold up well against constant, tough use. Luckily, direct-to-garment printing can help you end up with T-shirts that your employees can wash and wear over and over again and that should hold up very well. Just make sure that you choose good-quality T-shirts to have the printing done on for maximum quality.

They Can Be Made Quickly

There is very little preparation time for direct-to-garment printing. This means that you should be able to order the T-shirts for your employees and receive your order pretty quickly. Since you are probably hoping that your employees can start wearing their new uniform T-shirts as soon as possible, you might be happy about the quick turnaround time. You can even purposely look for a direct-to-garment printing service that will prioritize filling your order if you want to make sure that your employees can receive their new uniforms as quickly as possible.

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